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There is no information available about The Hillson Company, Boston. Their sets, marketed in the twenties, however tell a lot.

hillson's etiketten raster

The boxes for instance feature a different version of an elaborate illustrated logo. Each with the identical opening ‘Hillson’s Mandarin Game known in China as…’ followed by a variety of names. One set even lacks an added name. The characters and images on the tiles of the Hillson’s sets are obviously ‘borrowed’ from various manufacturers. The Bamboo 1 for example differs from set tot set. The sets mostly lack spare tiles.

Milton Bradley (1836-1911) is considered the inventor of the American board games.His enterprise The Milton Bradley Company,

Milton Bradley plaatjes rasster

nicknamed ‘Makers of the Worlds Best Games’ launched a series of Mah Jongg sets in 1923.
The cardboard boxes were pasted with bogus-Chinese texture paper. On top a deliberately torn sticker with Chinese characters. And in front the characteristic silk tassel.

Milton Bradley plaatjes 2 raster

The tiles were imprinted with the company’s version of characters and images. They were shown in the instruction manual ©1923. With a cover made of the same paper as the box.

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