More about Bamboo

Just-bamboo is less expensive than bone-plus- bamboo. It shows. Not only do the tiles look cheaper, so does the often crude engraving, exceptions excluded.

The Bamboo 1 tiles in my Bamboo collection illustrate that the Chinese engravers interpreted the Pe-Ling rather freely. With the exception of the indefinable plant (?) on the black tile and the common peacock and crane, they mainly carved weird birds most likely based on local sparrows.

The diversity in Bamboo 1 in my other sets is significantly less. Variations on that tile are in fact underrepresented in my collection. There are of course many peacocks and cranes. And also some bamboo shoots and sticks. But regretfully no owls, no unique carps and what is more out there.

peling samen raster
Bamboo tiles are packed in boxes made of a great variety of materials. Occasionally in a rose wood box, more often in Chinese or Western ones made of tin plate. And mainly in cardboard boxes. Plain or covered with cloth.

dozen samen raster

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