US Paraffine Co. 1a

Edition Junior.

Box (265x141x53mm) is American . Made of cardboard pasted with paper printed with three colors. With loose lid. The inner box is pasted with black paper and has an interior with loose trays: one for tiles and one for counters and dice.

Tiles (22x30x10mm) are made of untreated wood with on top a thin layer of some synthetic material printed with textured paint. The Green and Red dragon are unusual. There are no spare tiles.

Counters (Ø 37mm) are big discs made of sturdy cardboard with the Babcock logo and info about the manufacturer. They have Western denomination.

Dice (2x) are made of bone with Western points.

There belong no wind discs to the set.

Instruction manual is the red Babcock booklet.
10th Printing, July 1923.