US Milton Bradley 4

Milton Bradley / Lowe set in board game box (1975).

Box (457x199x35mm) is American. Made of cardboard pasted with paper printed with a photograph. With inside an interior for tiles, counters, dice and the plastic racks.

Tiles (32x46x2mm) are made of cardboard pasted with printed paper. The characters are standard.
The dragons, flower tiles and jokers are a mixture. The back is pasted with yellow paper with a black pattern. The tiles are still complete sheets and consequently never been used.

Counters are discs of cheap plastic. Their value is unclear. Their holder is loose little box still covered with the original shrink-wrapping.

Dice (2x) are placed in the box with counters. They are made of red wood with white Western points.

Most likely there belong no wind discs and instruction manual to the set.