US Milton Bradley 3

Oblong box with racks and counter holders.

Box (419x194x62mm) is American. Made of cardboard pasted with silk paper. With inside four trays for the tiles, a holder for the wooden racks, one small box for counters and dice and four holders for counters. On top the ‘torn’ Milton Bradley sticker is glued. In front dangle two just as typical silk tassels.

Tiles (20x30x11mm) are made of wood. On the white top, of synthetic material, Milton Bradley’s own characters et cetera are imprinted. Sides and back are of black material with white edges. Dots 1 shows various characters.

Counters are strips of celluloid.

Dice (2x) are made of bone with Western points.

According to the manual the set has no spare tiles and wind discs.

Instruction manual is published by Milton Bradley Company. © 1923.