US Hillson’s 8

5-drawer DIY-box with Hillson’s set.

Box (225x115x88mm) is a DIY-product (therefore without the Hillson illustration on the lid). Made of cardboard pasted with wrapping paper. Inside there are four trays for tiles and one with partitions for counters, dice and the spare tiles..

Tiles (23x33x10mm) are made of slightly grinded wood. With on top a layer of grayish cardboard. Printed with up to three colors with characters and images that are displayed in the Hillson’s ‘Ma Chiang’ instruction manuals with the red cover and are identical to the Pung Chow tiles. There are, and that is remarkable for Hillson, four spare tiles.

Counters are thin strips made of the same cardboard as used for the tiles. With Western denomination.

Dice (2x) are made of bone with western points.

There are no wind discs and instruction manual.