US Hillson’s 7

Ma Chiang version in rectangular box.

Box (315x145x70mm) is American. Made of cardboard pasted with (faded) purple paper. The picture on top has Ma Chiang added. Inside are four trays for tiles and four small ones for counters etc.

Tiles (21x29x12mm) are made of (ebony) wood. Covered with French Ivory. Except for the Dragons, characters and images are almost identical to those of Pung Chow. There are no spare tiles.

Counters are strips of white, synthetic material. With Western denomination by means of stripes.

Dice (2x) are made of bone with Western points.

Wind discs are made of white celluloid. Their holder is made of French Ivory celluloid.

Instruction manual is a booklet Hillson’s Mandarin Game Known in China as Ma Chiang. With on the inside of the cover exact pictures on the tiles.