US Hillson’s 4

Nameless version in 5- drawer box.

Box (214x145x100mm) is American. Made of cardboard pasted with linen. The image on top lacks an added name. Inside are four trays for tiles and one with spaces for tiles, counters et cetera. On the inside of the front flap ’No A’ is stamped.

Tiles (21x30x11mm) are made of wood. On top pasted with white celluloid imprinted with Piroxloid characters and images in four colors. There are no spare tiles.

Counters are strips of celluloid. A sticker with details about them is pasted on the inside.

Dice (2x) are made of bone with western points.

Wind discs are made bone colored celluloid. Their holder is made of thin ‘French Ivory’ celluloid.

Instruction manual is a totally restored booklet Hillson’s Mandarin Game Known in China as Ma Cheuck.