US general 9

Sum-Fun. In rectangular box printed in full color. Most likely one of the cheapest set on the market. time.

Box (258x87x20mm) is American. Made of cardboard pasted with colorful printed paper. The lid is rather damaged. Inside are the tiles, tin-plate racks, counters etc.

Tiles (about 20x25x1mm) are made of cardboard. On top dark pasted with paper printed with characters etc. The back is gray. The tiles were originally, per kind, complete sheets. They are rudely cut. There are no spare tiles. Some tiles were missing and are replaced with fotocopies.

Counters are simple toothpicks of colored wood. They are overcomplete but the value is unclear.

Dice (2x) are made of bone with Western points.

There belong no wind discs to the set.

Instruction manual is a photocopy of the original leaflet.