US general 7

Jaymar. Cheap version of standard American set.

This set is sold for € 70,-
Box (473x208x68mm) is American. Model board game box. Made of cardboard pasted with printed paper. Inside a tray holds tiles and dice. There is also space for 4 black plastic racks with counter holders.

Tiles (22x31x3mm) are made from heavy cardboard. The paper on top is printed with characters and images. The back has a green paper layer. There are many (probably incomplete) spare tiles.

Counters are the well known imitation Chinese coins made of plastic. They are incomplete. A rubber rings keep them in place.

Dice (2x) are made of French Ivory with Western points.

There belong no wind discs to the set.

Instruction manual is dated August 1955. It exists of the rules, an index of the tiles and 4 scoring cards that has been cut loose.