US general 5

Mah Deuck. Set and racks in rectangular box with dragon.

Box (450x132x40mm) is American. Made of cardboard. Pasted with red paper and a glued on label with logo and information about doubling factors and scoring points. Inside there is room for the tiles, the orange colored, wooden racks (including unused scoring strips), wind indicators, dice and spare tiles.

Tiles (23x33x4mm) are made of layered cardboard. With on top white paper printed with characters and images. For the back a fantasy print is used. Dot 1 and Dot 5 are replacements. As are two of the four spare tiles.

There belong no counters to the set.

Dice (2x) are made of bone with Western points.

Wind discs are made of the same material as the tiles. They are however square.

Instruction manual is small leaflet belonging to the set.