US general 10

The National Game of China in orange box with bamboo pattern.

Box (391x118x45mm) is Western. Made of cardboard pasted with paper printed in color with among others a bamboo pattern. Flat and rectangular model with a loose lid. Inside is room for the tiles, dice an tin-plated racks in (1x) red and (3x) black printed with a score table. A missing piece of the lid has been noticeably replaced.

Tiles (22x30x3mm) are made of heavy cardboard. Covered on top with white paper printed with characters and images. The back is grey. One Bamboo 1 was missing and has been replaced. There belong no spare tiles to the set.

Dice (2x) are made of bone with Western points.

There belong no counters and wind discs to the set. There exist a matching instruction manual, but this set does not have one.