US General 1

Black lacquered box with French Ivory tiles.

Box (230x156x111mm) is Canadian and not American. It is a product of the Chinese Games Company, Montreal. Made of wood painted with dulled lacquer. The trays are cloth covered. One with partitions for counters et cetera and 4 for the tiles.

Tiles (21x31x8mm) are made of smooth, rounded French Ivory. The engraving is good but rather fickle. The Dots are pressed in. Bamboo 1 is a shoot. There are 3 spare tiles. Note: Chances are that the Canadian tiles are the company’s own design and engraved in China .

Counters are strips celluloid. Their denomination is not clear.

Dice (4x) are made of bone with western points.

Wind discs are two discs made of celluloid and printed with the logo of the Chinese Game Company Montreal.

Instruction manual is the 2nd ©1924 edited by The Chinese Game Company Montreal.