Playing cards 8

The Ancient Mandarin Game WAH CHUCK.

Box (92x164x26mm) is American. Made of cardboard printed with a ‘Mandarin’ against a background of the cards and the design on their back. The sliding inside has 2 compartments for cards and one for counters and wind indicators.

Cards (61×81) are American and have a standard size. Bamboos and Dots are regular. Characters, Winds and Dragons are notable quadratic. The ‘flower’ cards show pretty pictures of Chinese figures in historic attire. The back shows a graphic design with an Chinese lantern. There are no spare cards. The front of some cards is impressed with the back of another.

Counters are strips of colored paper with Western dominations. They are almost complete.

Dice are lacking.

Wind indicators are made of cardboard. With quadratic characters and western initials. E-wind is a replica.