Playing cards 4

Sliding box. Reduced version of metal box Bamboo15.

Box (243x115x35mm) is most likely of American origin. Made of cardboard covered with paper printed with the Babcock logo and characters plus some pictures of tiles. A English sticker from ’The Continental Mah-Jongg Sales Co., Amsterdam’ has been pasted over the original text ‘Mah-Jongg Sales Co. of America’. The sliding drawer contains 4 numbered covers for the cards.

Cards (41x61mm) have solitaire dimensions. The back shows the Babcock and The Mah-Jongg Sales Co. paraphernalia. The cards have been used. There belong no spare cards to the set.

There are no counters, dice and wind indicators.

Instruction manual is an exactly matching, condensed Dutch version of the Babcock rules. There are 4 score cards too. Plus a remains of a scoring pad.