Playing cards 3b

Small rectangular box with Mah Jong players. 

Box (243x115x35mm) is Chinese. Made of cardboard pasted with packing paper. With on top a label with Mah Jong playing Chinese family. Inside are 2 boxes for cards and counters and 4 wooden racks with bands. One has been replaced.

Cards (25x82mm) are Chinese. They are oblong. Printed with characters and English text. The back has a standard pattern. There belong no spare cards to the set.

Counters are made of bone. Their value is odd: p.p. 9 counters of 10p and just 5 of 2p.

Dice (4x) are made of bone with Chinese  points. Their cricket box is lacking.

Wind discs and Ming box are lacking.

Instruction manual is Chinese. A square, matching booklet from 1923. There is an order card from the American distributor too.