Playing cards 2a

Electric Mah Jong. Publicity for The Western Electric Co. by Thomas de la Rue. The set is exceptional, in mint condition and of interest for collectors of advertising and electra.

Box (180x120x23mm) is British. Made of cardboard covered with fake-croc paperĀ  printed with gold. The inside of the lid has a pocket for the manual. The interior has 4 compartments.

Cards (50x82mm) are British. Their size is standard. With gilt edge. And Western Electric publicity on the back. The cards show the various activities of the company. Two of the packages still have their original wrapper and string.

There are no counters and dice.

Wind indicators are 4 cards with wind vanes.

Instruction manual is a special edition from 1924. There are also 4 score cards, a score pad and a Western Electric business card.