Modern 6

Indian(?) box. Inlaid with bone and wood.

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Carlis Mah Jongg Shop.

Box (255x153x65mm) is most likely Indian. Made of a dark tropic wood. Decorated with wood carving. Outside the lid features the word MAHJONG. The inside is covered with a blue fabric, The interior has a big compartment for the tiles and a small one for the counters and dice.

Tiles (20x25x1mm) are made of bamboo cover on top with a thin layer of synthetic material. The engraving is good. The tiles lack Western letters and Arabic numbers.

Counters are made of a stone-like plastic. With Chinese denominations. The higher values differ from the old fashioned counters.

Dice (4x) are made of the same plastic with Chinese points and one big red dot.

There belong no wind indicators an instruction manual to the set.