European 6

Fake-leather 5-drawer box with Golconda Chinaman.

Box (223x143x90mm) is German. Made of cardboard pasted with black fake-leather. The wadded lid shows a Golconda logo with Buddha. The interior is covered with ochre fake-leather. Inside of the lid a Golconda signature and mahjong  is embossed. There are 4 trays for tiles and one for counters etc.

Tiles (22x31x13mm) are German. Made of black wood with a layer of a synthetic material. The typical Golconda characters, graphics etc. are a bit worn down. There are 4 spare tiles.

Counters are flat sticks of colored celluloid. Value is unclear.

Dice (2x) are made of a synthetic material with Western points.

Wind indicators are small discs of celluloid. With Ost replacing East used on the tiles.

There is no instruction manual. There are however 2 Dutch score points cards.