European 1

German set with brick tiles. By F. AD. Richter & Cie AG., makers of ‘Anker’ construction sets.

Box (195x285x50mm) is German. Made of blackened wood. The sliding lid is brick-red with a white design and black text. On the rear all tiles are pictured.

Tiles (25x35x8mm) are German. Made of a kind of brick with rub-off, easy to damage  images that are still surprisingly good condition. The regular tiles are black. Winds (called ‘Race Blocks’ in the USA) show people: a Chinaman (E), an African warrior (S), an Red Indian (W) and an Inuit (N).

Wind indicators (25x35x8mm) are tiles made of red brick. Each wind tile shows a different position of the sun.

There belong no spare tiles, counters and dice to the set.

Instruction manual is an added but  matching leaflet showing the box with a different lid.