Chad Valley 9a

Flat box with loose lid with on the label ‘MAH-JONGG’ in red. Chad Valley’s cheapest set.

Box (205x137x37mm) is English. Made of card-board covered with red paper. On the lid the typical Chad Valley-label is pasted. Inside are the tiles, a small compartment for counters etc. and 4 wooden racks.

Tiles are English. Made of heavy cardboard covered with paper printed with the Chad Valley-characters and graphics in 3 colors. With on the back brown paper. There are, exceptional for Chad Valley, four spare tiles. A summary of the tiles are printed on the inside of the lid.

Counters are strips of colored paper. Value is uncertain.

Dice (2x) are made of blackened wood with primitive Western points.

Wind discs (4x) are made from cardboard covered with paper printed with Chad Valley wind characters.

Instructions are printed on a undated leaflet printed.