Chad Valley 5

High 5-drawer box with fixed lid. The label is slightly damaged. The box has been repaired.

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Carlis Mah Jongg Shop.

Box (225x153x92mm) is English. Made of cardboard covered with paper. On top the typical Chad Valley label is pasted. Inside are four drawers for the tiles and one with compartments for the counters etc.

Tiles (21x30x14mm) are English. Made of wood pasted on top with paper printed with CV-characters and graphics in 3 colors. Bamboo 1 does not show a Peacock but a seldom used Crane. On the back gray paper is glued. The tiles tend to differ in height.

Counters are small colored discs of bone. Value 1000 points per person.

Dice (2x) are made of bone and have western points.

Wind discs (4x) are made from cardboard covered with paper printed with Chad Valley wind characters.

Manual is printed by/for Chad Valley, fifth edition, December 1923.