Exceptional 6

Japanese 5 drawer box with black metal ornaments. Large version.

Box(240x195x180mm) is Japanese. Made of black, somewhat dulled, lacquered wood. Illuminated with golden symbols. The logo on front is a bit damaged. The back shows a large crack. Some pieces of lacquer are missing.

Tiles (22x32x14mm) are made of fine bone and bamboo. Well engraved with golden touches. Without numbers and initials. There are 16 flower tiles and 4 spare tiles. This Chinese ’tourist’ set has been added.

Counters are of polished bone with Western denomination. 500p has green dots.

Dice (4x) are made of bone with Chinese points. Their holder is a Cricket box.

Wind discs are made of bone featuring squarish characters. Their holder is a round and lidless holder made of fine bone.

The set lacks an instruction manual.