Exceptional 13

Oak 5 drawer box with lavish brass ornaments.

This set is sold for € 425,-

Box (245x183x170mm) is Chinese. Made of red-brown painted wood with a lot of ornaments. The ‘butterfly’ on front is added because the original decoration (see advertisement ) was missing. The drawers have unusual grips. The back is replaced.

Tiles (20x30x12mm) are made thin bone with average engraving and thicker bamboo. There are 4 spare tiles.

Counters are made of bone wiestern denomination.

Dice (4x) are made of bone with Chinese points. Their holder is a home made Cricket box. The red 1 dot has been removed.

Wind discs and the Ming-box are made of white bone. S-wind is a poorly engraved replacement.

Instruction manual is the American version of the red Babcock booklet, 10th edition, July 1923.