Bone & Bamboo 3

Top quality set. Made of handsome rosewood inlaid with lighter wood.

Box (220x163x163mm) is Chinese. Made of quality rosewood inlaid with a light colored wood. Without copper ornaments. The removable front closes with a key. Inside there are two narrow and two broad drawers. Also a niche for a manual.

Tiles (22x30x13mm) are Chinese. Made of thick, quality bone and thin bamboo. The engraving is excellent. Bamboo 1 is a shoot. Dots 7 is upside down. One spare tile is missing.

Counters are of bone with Chinese denomination.

Dice (4x) are made of bone with Chinese points. Their holder is a Cricket box.

Wind discs are made of bone. Their holder is a bone Ming cylinder.

Instruction manual is The Game of Mah Jongg (11th edition) by Max Robertson. Obvious added later.