Bone & Bamboo 17

This set has been sold for € 975,- .

5 Drawer box with screwed on, black ornaments.

Box (196x181x201mm) is Chinese. Made of handsome wood. For The Mah Jongg Sales co. of America. The front, with a Babcock-logo, slides inside by means of a button that operates a spring.
A text at the bottom of the front reads PAID APR 3 1923.

Tiles (21x31x13mm) are Chinese. Made of quality bone and bamboo. The engraving is standard. The seasons are better executed. Red and Green dragon are unusual. There are 4 spare tiles.

Counters are made bone with Western denomination.

Dice (4x) are made of bone with Chinese points. Their holder is a cricket box.

Wind discs are made of black horn with white characters. Their Ming cylinder is also black horn. N-wind is a bit smaller.

Instruction manual is Babcock’s Red Book. 6th Edition, November 1922. (