Bone & Bamboo 13

Black lacquered box with click front and transparent tiles.

This set is sold for € 500,-

Box (238x182x177mm) is most likely Japanese. Made of black lacquered wood decorated silver graphics. It is a 5 drawer model with a spring operated click&shut front that slides inwards.
The handles are unusual. The inside of the drawers are lacquered red with golden specks.

Tiles (20x29x13mm) are presumably Chinese.
The thin bone has an unique transparency. The engraving is fragile and of top quality. There are three spare tiles.

Counters are made of polished bone with Western denomination. The 500p has green dots.

Dice (4x) are made of bone with Chinese points. Their holder is a cricket box.

Wind discs are made of black horn with white characters. Their Ming cylinder is also black horn.

The set lacks an instruction manual.