Bamboo 9

Tin Tindeco box with Peling (Bamboo 1).

In mint condition.

Box (214x173x60mm) is American. Patented February 27, 1923. Made of tin printed red and gold. The Peling-logo and characters appear on other sets too. The yellow copper inside has a loose divider to keep tiles and counters et cetera apart.

Tiles (21x30x12mm) are Chinese. The fine bamboo is exceptionally intricate engraved. Especially the honor tiles et cetera. The colors are a bit faded.

Counters are made of bone with western denomination.

Dice (4x) are made of bone with Chinese points. Their holder is a Cricket box.

Wind discs are made of white bone and feature green characters with red initials. Their holder is a bone Ming box.

Instruction manual is one of those endlessly reprinted Chinese booklets. Western images are used on the cover.