Bamboo 7

Tin box printed green with metal colored, reversed figures.

Box (187x135x68mm) is Chinese. Made of painted tin. The copper colored inside has one compartment for tiles and a small one for counters et cetera.

Tiles (21x27x10mm) are Chinese. The bamboo is okay with average engraving. Dots 9 is diamond-shaped. Bamboo 1 is primitive. There are no spare tiles.

Counters are made of bone with western denomination.

Dice (4x) are made of bone with Chinese points. Their holder is a Cricket box.

Wind discs are made of bone with green characters without initials. Their holder is a bone Ming box.

Instruction manual is a Dutch, copyrighted publication of Perry & Co. Most likely the first edition. The bounded booklet is rare and in very good condition too. There are also a score card and two of four counting tables: S and N.