Bamboo 13

Maroon tin box with square characters.

Box (212x142x81mm) is probably Chinese. Made of tin. Printed all around. With on top 2 golden characters. The yellow copper inside has a loose drawer with four compartments for counters etc. Underneath it is room for the tiles.

Tiles (20x29x8mm) are Chinese. They have never been played with. The bamboo is of a good quality and spotless. The engraving is rather primitive. There are three spare tiles.

Counters are made of bone with western denomination. They tend to differ.

Dice (2x) are made of bone with Chinese points. Their holder is a special Cricket box for two dice.

Wind discs are made of white bone and feature green characters and red initials. Their holder is a bone Ming box with a repaired lid.

The set lacks an instruction manual.