Synthetic 8

Flat, black imitation leather travel case.

This set has been sold for € 125,

Box (313x225x45mm) is most likely Chinese. Made of cardboard looking like leather. The interior, the 4 drawers and the little box for counters et cetera are covered with chequered paper..

Tiles (22x29x13mm) are Chinese. Made of synthetic material. Warm yellow on top. Black at the bottom. The engraving is good. There are 4 spare tiles and 8 tiles with the standard images: cock-cat-scorpion-mouse and man-hook-fisherman-fishes.

Counters are of rough bone of different sizes with Chinese denomination.

Dice (4x) are made of bone with Chinese points.

Wind indicator is a small bettor made of blue and green plastic.

The set has no instruction manual.