Synthetic 7

Black case with plastic tiles with bamboo back!

Box (303x204x43mm) is most likely Chinese. Made of cardboard looking like leather. The interior, the 4 drawers and the little box for counters et cetera are covered with chequered paper. Inside is a sticker of the dealer.

Tiles (21x29x16mm) are Chinese. Made of synthetic material. Their bamboo back is unique! The engraving is good. There are 4 spare tiles, 8 flower tiles and 8 extra tiles with standard images: cock-cat-scorpion-mouse and man-hook-fisherman-fishes.

Counters are of very thin, cheap bone with Chinese denomination.

Dice (4x) are made of rough, dark yellow synthetic material with Chinese points..

Wind indicator is a bettor made of orange and green plastic.

The set has no instruction manual.

This kind of travel sets were sold in Asia shortly after WWII.