Synthetic 3

Saddle leather travel case based on a traditional 5 drawer box.

Box (237x130x160mm) looks Western but is most likely of Chinese. Made of sturdy leather. Quasi ornaments are imprinted on the lid. The handle on top has been replaced. The interior and the drawers are covered with faded green cloth.

Tiles (23x31x14mm) are Chinese. Made, through and through, of Bakelite or Catalin. The engraving, especially of the seasons, are perfect. There are 4 spare tiles.

Counters are of polished bone with Western denomination.

Dice (4x) are made of bone with Chinese points. Their holder is a Cricket box.

Wind discs are made of bone. They come with a bone Ming cylinder.

Instruction manual is a booklet printed in Dutch by Perry & Co. 4th Edition August 1925. There are also 3 of 4 wind indicator cards: E, S and W.