Synthetic 10

Standard US carrying case and set from about 1930.

Box (499x228x77mm) is American. By Royal Games. Made of wood covered with fake croc leather. With plastic grip and 2 (rusty but working) locks. Inside of the lid is covered with a kind of satin. There are 2 trays for tiles, dice and bettor. Plus 5 racks from colored plastic with metal counter holders.

Tiles (22x31x11mm) are American. Made, through and through, of dark yellow Catalin(?). The standard characters and images are pressed into the material. The set has many flower tiles but no Jokers.

Counters are bogus Chinese coins. In 5 colors cheap plastic. Their value is uncertain.

Dice (2x) are made of a white synthetic material with black Western points.

Windindicator is a olive and dark green, plastic bettor .

The set has no instruction manual.