Playing cards 5a

Man-Chu. Upright box with counters.

Box (205x107x44mm) is American. Made of cardboard. Pasted with paper printed with an embossed logo, text and dragon. The underside is original. Both short sides of the lid are replaced. Inside are compartments for cards, counter box and ‘Fosters’ Famous Rules’.

Cards (57x89mm) are American. Their size is standard. They are gilt-edged. The back is yellow with a red dragon. The cards are unused. One of the packages still has its original wax paper with the manufacturers seal. There belong no spare cards to the set.

Counters are made of synthetic material in 4 colors. They have their own box.

There belong no dice and wind indicators to the set

Instruction manual is a matching publication by the manufacturer, The United States Playing Card Co. ©1923.