European 12a

Big, flat box. Made in France. With ‘Star of David’.

Box (314x217x36mm) is French. Made of cardboard’. With on top mah jong jeu des dragons and the logo Marque de Fabrique JTR Paris. Inside are 2 trays for tiles, a small, lidded box for counters etc. and 3x green and 1x maroon racks made of sturdy cardboard.

Tiles (20x30x8mm) are French. Made of wood topped with a thin layer of paint printed with characters etc. used by the manufacturer for other sets. The West wind also shows the French O of Ouest. There are no spare tiles.

Counters are small discs of bone. Value is unclear.

Dice (2x) are made of bone with western points.

Wind indicators are small discs of bone pasted with wind characters.

Instruction manual is French and matching. Plus a booklet ‘How to count with Mah Jongg’.