Synthetic 4

Western 3 drawer box with Bakelite tiles.

Box (235x126x172mm) is American. Made of lacquered wood. The Chinese looking 3 drawer case has a sliding front with a golden border and Babcock characters. The back of the box is a replacement.

Tiles (23x31x14mm) are Western. Made of black Bakelite. The back is rounded like bamboo. The top is embossed. For the characters and images printed on paper and covered with thin celluloid. One Green Dragon has an original tile but a replaced character. There are no spare tiles.

Counters are made of French Ivory. The Western denomination is – unique! – displayed by means of perforation. Some counters are missing:

Dice (4x) are made of bone with Western point.

Wind discs are made of carton board pasted with paper and covered with a thin layer of celluloid. E-wind is a replacement.

The set has no instruction manual.