The satiated Mah Jongg Collector.
When one is a dedicated collector but not an obsessed hoarder, one day the urge to amass simply vanishes. Especially when most acquisitions end up behind closed cupboard doors. For me, after some 45 years, the moment to stop buying has arrived. Time to sell. To a certain extent though. The top and the intriguing sets, most paraphernalia and all books, I’ll keep. But what is for sale certainly is worthwhile.

Restoring and more.
I like to repair things. So I have used that moderate skill to respectfully restore wooden and cardboard boxes. I have also completed sets by using spare tiles to engrave missing ones. I have added counters and even made Cricket boxes, resulting in most cases in sets with the right amount of tiles and counters. Just like curiosity shops, I have combined boxes, tiles, counters and the lot. And added instruction manuals, thus creating sets that are better and more complete. Most restorations are mentioned in the text. The question is however: are these actions allowed? I think they are.

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Carli’s Mah Jongg Shop (after this referred
to as Seller) is only accessible by email.

Seller pledges not to use email addresses for other purposes.

Seller has done his utmost to depict the items as realistically as possible. Nonetheless small differences between the virtual representation of materials, colors et cetera and the real thing may occur. Therefore the images on the website should be considered as an indication.

By the way: for using photographs and other images featuring on Carli’s Mah Jongg Site permission is required via

Seller is at all times entitled to alter prices. Already ordered items are however excluded from these adjustments. Price increases and reductions apply only when listed on Carli’s Mah Jongg Site.

In case of an evident miscalculation or obvious clerical error, Seller is not committed to sell the item in question.


Only items with the red ‘Te Koop – For Sale’ stamp are purchasable. Prices are not negotiable.

Seller has given detailed information about each item. However, before buying an item, it is advisable and sensible to obtain additional clarification. No problem. Just send an email to
Seller will react as soon as possible.

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