Questions about Mah Jongg.

Email to for any questions about the sets, books et cetera on Carli’s Mah Jong Site. Concerning items for sale as well as those that are not. General questions about the game of Mah Jongg are also welcome.

And then this.

Carli’s Mah Jongg Shop, part of Carli’s Mah Jongg Site, is not an official web store owned by a business. I am a private person and just want to sell a significant share of my Mah Jongg collection via the Internet.

A large number of my sets and accessories has been purchased on eBay during the last 15 years. All these acquisitions have been promptly paid for. Look on the internet for ‘carliveb on eBay’ to view my 100 percent positive feedback as buyer. As seller I strive for an equally optimal result.

Other Mah Jongg sites.

There are many people out there who share their collection and knowledge about the game of Mah Jongg and its history on the internet. Some are somewhat comparable with Carli’s Mah Jongg Site. Others are much more specialized. Among others:

Charli’s Web / The World of Mahjong: My Mah Jong World

Jelte Rep’s Mahjong in Holland Museum:

Jim May’s Virtual Mah Jong Museum:

Michael Stanwick’s The Mah Jong Tiles Set:

Tom Sloper’s Sloperama:

Tony Watson’s Mahjong Treasures:


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