Seller accepts only payment in Euros.
Seller charges costs for handling and shipping.
Purchases will only be dispatched when the item price and costs for handling and shipping have been fully paid for.


Seller exclusively accepts transactions via PayPal

A PayPal account is an internet billing site attached to a credit card or bank account. Its advantage is that data is required only once and expenses subsequently can be transferred. Simply via the email address and a personal password.


Seller uses the services of PostNL. Packages will be sent exclusively by registered mail.

During the shipping trajectory, Seller is accountable for risks like damage, theft or loss. Once the parcel and its content has been delivered, accepted and signed for, the buyer is responsible for those risks.

Because none of the sets for sale exceed the 425 Euro limit, a customs declaration form for goods sent to countries inside and outside the European Union, is not required.


It is possible to undo a transaction and return the item in question. In that case a good reason is required. For instance, when an item does not comply with the images and/or description on the website. Reasons like ‘on second thought I don’t like the purchase…’ are not acceptable.

To make sure that there are valid arguments to return an item, please respond within a week, by email to A reaction will be emailed as soon as possible. In case of mutual agreement about those reasonable grounds, the item can be returned. After receiving package and content in good order, Seller will remit the purchase price plus postage.

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